Environmental disaster flick ‘Geostorm’ drops first trailer

abbie cornish gerard butler geostorm film still trailer

Abbie Cornish in Geostorm

By Nick Milligan

Dean Devlin’s directorial debut Geostorm has had a few false starts, but the trailer for the environmental disaster flick has finally dropped.

Devlin is best known as the producer of director Roland Emmerich’s grand spectacles, and Geostorm appears to be in the same vein. The pair have worked together on Stargate, Independence Day and its sequel, and Godzilla.

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for blockbuster, which features Scottish beefcake Gerard Butler as Jake, the man assigned to head into space and prevent weather-controlling satellites from crafting a storm of gargantuan proportions. Along the way, Jake and his brother work out that there is a plan afoot to assassinate the president.

abbie cornish geostorm movie interview

Abbie Cornish on the set of Geostorm in New Orleans

After test screenings determined that there was room for improvement in the final cut, a $15m reshoot took place. With Devlin reportedly unavailable to direct the reshoots, Judge Dredd director Danny Cannon was brought in, as was producer Jerry Bruckheimer to steer the ship away from the rocks. The initial planned release date was October 21, 2016, but it now looks like the troubled flick will reach theatres on October 20, 2017.

Hollywood insiders say the reshoots took place from December 3 to 14 in Louisiana, and were far from minor. New characters, including a female scientist, were added, while a character played by Vikings star Katheryn Winnick was recast. Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) wrote the required reshoots.

The cast also features Australia’s Abbie Cornish, Jim Sturgess and Ed Harris.

Take a look at the trailer here.

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